NWS: Featuring northern Michigan authors

To Embroider The Ground With Prayer by Teresa ScollonEvery month NWS features an author who lives in or has a connection to northern Michigan. Over the years we have featured a diverse roster of talented and insightful writers and 2014 was no exception.
We kicked off the year with Traverse City-based poet Teresa Scollon and over the next 11 months we introduced you to folks from all walks of life and who all had one thing in common – they told us stories, and good ones at that.
We featured work in an array of genres last year – memoir, historical fiction, mystery, poetry, young adult fiction and more, penned by a teacher, freelance writer, businessman, journalist and even a professional diver and treasurer hunter.
These writers were inspired by countless topics – real life events (both in their own lives and globally), their parents, other writers (including NWS main stage authors) their hometowns and the flora and fauna around them. It wasn’t surprising to learn that all of them are voracious readers inspired by a plethora of other writers. Of course we love to see what is sitting on their bedside tables.
We always ask for their advice for young writers and we have been impressed by their words of wisdom. What is the overriding advice from every author? Read, read, read and write, write, write. Don’t forget to persevere. And live life to the fullest.  Words we can all live by!
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