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Current Donors 11/30/2019-11/30/2020

FSW Sustaining Donor

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Founders Circle

$10,000 for Three Years

Brenda & Ross Biederman
Aubrey Adelle Bliss
Rota & David Bump
Dana & Casey Cowell
Cameron & Dan Farley
Susie & Bill Janis
Diana & Richard Milock
Sera & Richard Thompson
The Wege Foundation

Best Sellers List


Begonia Charitable Foundation
Debra Edson
Dan Edson
Ward & Mary Gillett
Jon & Sue Kinne

Summer Gala Hosts


Mission Table – Wayne & Terry Lobdell
Marty & Olivia Lagina
Casey & Dana Cowell
Brenda & Ross Biederman
Susie & Bill Janis
Susie & Bob Kuras
Diana & Richard Milock
Robert & Anne Tucker

National Book Award


Sam Abood
Laura Asiala
Lorraine and Mack Beers
Arleta Bernson
Richard and Susan Bingham
Bob and Marcy Branski
Clark and Karen Bunting
Leith and Gloria Butler
Tom and Pam Caldwell
Bob and Suzy Cline
Susan and Al Cogswell
Bill and Paula Cordes
Thom and Becky Darga
Michael and Brenda Earl
Debra Edson
Renee and Don Fedrigon
Steve and Ann Fisher
Phyllis Foster
Bob and Nancy Giles
Carol and Bob Goff
Gail and Robert Hetler
Chip and Shirley Hoagland
James and Diana Huckle
Jennifer and Brian Jaffe
Bill and Susie Janis
Angie Judge
Jamie and Paula Kemler
Paul and Carol Laporte
Wayne and Terry Lobdell
Janice and Michael London
Kathy Magliochetti
Gladys and Tom Maguire
John and Mary Melvin
Richard and Diana Milock
Anne Montgomery
Shirley and Dick Murray
Dawn and Kean Oh
Grant and Paulette Parsons
Linda and Max Proffitt
Peter and Chris Romeo
Paul Schmuckal and Catherine Radu
Marc and Tracy Schwimmer
Jeanne and Jack Snow
Bonnie Stanton
Vicki Stanton
Sera and Rick Thompson
Stephen Tomlinson and Pam Fletcher
Robert and Anne Tucker
Kent and Nancy Walton
Janet Wolf

Pulitzer Can-Demic Club


Charlene Abernethy
Keith and Carol Adler
Robert and Betty Adler
David and Jacqueline Amos
Gary and Mimi Appel
Dennis and Anne Arouca
Alison Arthur
Jeanne Ascione
Barbara and Joseph Backus
Stephen Bahlke
Thomas Barnes
Pat Bazley
Ross and Brenda Biederman
Eric Blackhurst
Alfred Bonney
David and Rota Bump
Linda Butka and Bryan Olshove
Bruce and Mary Byl
Susan and Charles Cady
Dick and Sue Campbell
Martha Campbell
Jennifer and Stan Carroll
Luba Childs
Elsa Clark
Bob and Cindy Clement
Camille Colatosti
Jeanne Corey and Paul Vezina
James and Margaret Costello
Saundra and Jack Crandall
Elodie Crawford
Marcia Curran
Rebecca D'Agostino and David Faling
Barbara Dancer
Catherine Davidson
Nancy and William Davy
Chris Dennos
Mike Dettmer
Dan and Lindy Dingeman
Gail Drayton
Nancy Duke
Bob Eichenlaub and Becky Ewing
Deb and Neal Fellows
Richard and Lin Foa
Mike and Mary Forness
Dina Foster
Christopher and Jennifer Gerling
Kathleen Glynn
Steve and Pam Grace
Brad Graft
Grand Traverse Pie Company
Pat Green
Jerrold Gretzinger and Meg Staley
Kim Hagerty and Antonio Simao
Elizabeth Hakola
Sondra Hardy
Jeanne and Michael Haynes
Thomas Hazelton and Cynthia Brzak
Joyce Hennessee
Marie and Doug Holem
Pam and Steve Horne
Michele Howard
Bette Jackson
Lola Jackson and Dilys Tosteson Garcia
Michael and Joanie Jackson
Jill and Jerome Jelinek
Sue and Charles Judson
Ed and Ann Kalat
George Kleiber and Diane Dabich
Sharon and Jerry Knoppow
Susie and Bob Kuras
Suzanne and Jim Lamond
Harold and Pamela Lassers
Leslie Lee
Marcia Lee
Rorie Lewis
Val Lincoln
Susan Lio
Laurie and Dan Lisuk
Mark and Karen Lundmark
Laurine Madison
Anne Magoun
Meredith McComb
William and Joan McCool
Susan McGarry
Catherine McMahon
Ann McPhail
Paula Menees
Cindy and James Monroe
Betsy Moore and Jay Wood
John Moore
Benson and Bette Munger
David Murphy and Suzanne Peters
Susan Nehra
Alan Newton
Mary Oosterhouse
Robert and Diane Parsons
Cheri Pero
Michael Rodenberg
Bruce and Joyce Rogers
Pug Rundio
Bill and Madelyn Ryan
Christine Schneider
Patricia Schroth
Jack Segal and Karen Puschel
Sandy Seppala Gyr
Patricia Sharpnack
Sarah Shoemaker
Anne Marie and William Shuyler
Winnie Simpson
Alton and Kathy Smith
Bill Smith and Donna Weitz
Bonnie Smith
Gretchen and Bill Soutear
Doug and Anne Stanton
Kathleen Steeves
David and Karin Summers
Louise Taylor
Roberta Teahen
June Thaden
Mary Kay Trippe
Dennis and Kathy Turner
Judy and Michael Twigg
Catherine Upjohn
Jill Vollbrecht
William and Toni Wagoner
Patricia and Ken Warner
Juanita and Noel Watson
Marsha Wheaton
Larry and Patricia Widmayer
Joan Williams
Karen and Jack Williams
Betsy and Richard Wilson
Ken Winter
Gary and Jean Wolf
Colleen and Mick Zanotti

Quill Donors


Joanie Abbott
Nathanael Adamson
Peter and Bernadette Albers
Cathy Alterio
Catherine Anthony
Gregg Armstrong
Paul and Judy Arnold
Julie Avery
Sharon Bacon
Ellen and Thomas Baird
Marilyn and Walter Baird
Karen Baker
Diana and Jeff Baribeau
Deena Barshney
Patricia Bauer
Carl Benner
Marc Bertrand
Linda and Mike Birtles
Jennifer Bonifacio
Judith Bosma
Margaret Bossenbery
Julie Botsford
Trish Brauninger
Eric and Julia Braverman
Paul and Amanda Brink
Irene Brown
Kathy and Hans Bruehl
Connie Bruski
Gerilyn Burden
Susan Buxton
Susan Cahn
Cheryl Cardelli
Sandra and Bill Cartwright
Rita Cheyne
Valerie Church-McHugh
Jill and Richard Claybour
Dan and Linda Cline
Marilyn Cobb
Corine Cochran
Barbara and Thomas Cole
Therese Cousins
Tanya Crosby
Barbara and Hugh Culton
Beverly Cuthbert
Donald Dahlstrom
John DeSpelder
Diane Donley
Lee Ann Elston
Mary Fairgrieve
Gary Faria and Patricia Mallon
Linda Farrell
James Ferro
Mary Jo Fifarek
Ellen Flegenheimer-Riggle
Sallie Foley
Barbara Franke
Susan Fritz
Martha Garber
Andrew and Jo Anne Gerben
Judy and Don Goodrich
Kathryn Gray
Richard Grout
Jep and Mary Gruman
Janet Guidos
Tom and Victoria Gutowski
Michael and Mary Haley
Marietta Hamady
Perry Harmon and Kristen Elliott
Marcia and Jim Harris
Carol and Keith Hartwell
Agnes Hayden
Teri Hedrich and Alfred Stachel
Ann Hemming
Sharon and George Hermach
Mike and Sharon Herron
Renae Hesselink
Rose Hollander
Jean and William Howard
Cindy Hull
Lisa Huschke
Susan and Bruce Idema
Paul and Laura Jacobson
Deborah Johnson
Gloria Johnson
Susan Jones
Susan and Jeff Kessler
Andrea Ketchum
Diana Ketola
Sandra Kilmer
David Kirby and Martha Topol
Margaret Kirkby
Jane Kirschke
Ruthanne Kladder
Brenda and Bob Knaack
Missy Knebel
Judith and Charles Kraus
Karen Kuehlhorn
Susan Labelle
Suzanne Landes
Mary Landry
Alison and Steve Lang
Maryln and Gordon Lawrence
Candace Lee
Michael Lehnert and Denise Pelt
Judy Levin
Dency Lippert
Eleanor Lynn
Lynne Lyons
Pamela Macpherson
Terence Malone
Theda Marinelli
Marty Mater
Sue and Gregg McDonald
Kathy Mead
Katheryn Meinschein
Lizbeth Messing
Susan Michener
Barbara Mick
Jayne Mohr and Calvin Karr
Richard Moore
Candace Morse
Margaret Morse
Elizabeth Mostrom
Linda and Chuck Mueller
Michael Mulcahy
Karen Mulvahill
William and Cathleen Murgan
Susan Nichols
Kip and Janice Nickel
Wendy Nienhouse and Steve Niergarth
Carolyn Nightingale
Sharon and Patrick Oriel
Linda Pannuto
Nancy Parshall
Nate Payne
Nancy Potter
Richard Priehs
Margaret Quinn
Beth Raddatz
Etta Rajkovich
Joan Rasmussen and Morry Alter
Don Reinhard
Maria Reynolds
Alice Rhyner
Paula Richardson
Yasmin Richmond and Ruth Hoppe
Sheree Robinson
Mary Rodewig
Stephen Sanders
Jean Sarasin
Heather Shaw
Susan Shimmons
Jackie and Seamus Shinners
Barbara Smith
Isiah and Marlene Smith
Sue and Jon Snow
Barb Solomonson and Jan Doran
Kristen Staggs
Pegy Stanek
Barbara Stark-Nemon
Robbin and Bill Stott
Terrie Taylor
The 40 year Old Book Club
Dorothy Thompson
Sara Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Ron and Liz Tousain
Kathy Tuckerman
Elizabeth and Beau Vallance
Kathy Vance
Roberta Vanderbreggen
Karen Viskochil
Candice and Dick Wallace
Christine and Richard Walter
Jan Warren
Cindy and Doug Weaver
Judith and Kennard Weaver
Dale and Tracey Westerman
Tonya Wildfong
Bonnie Willings
Ruth Winter and Tom Thibault
Carolyn Wolf
Jesse and Molly Wolff
Jeffrey and Michelle Wonacott
Valerie Wright
Judith Wurges
Ellen Zienert
Barb Zupin

NWS Friends


Lil Adler Ostendorf
Elaine Aldrete
Mary Allender
Peggy Anderson and Ed Hargis
Joan Antle
Emilia Askari
Mary Bader
Diane and Michael Bair
Shirley Baker
Judy and Bruce Balas
Josephine Ballenger
Micha Bancroft
Michaeline Barnhart
Linda Barry
Polly Basile
Jan Bauer
Steven Baumgartner
Becky Beach
Jeff and Terry Beamsley
Becky Beauchamp and Barry Levine
Danielle Beauvais
Carole and Dennis Becker
Jane Becker
Katherine Belanger
Mary Belmonte
Mary Benedetto
Alan Bersin
Tom Beukema
Marika BeVier
Ulrich and Janice Binkert
David and Chari Binstadt
Ann Bird
Julie Blaney
Emily Bluemer
Marge Bossenbery
Ann Bowman
Kerry Boyd
Nicole Bradshaw
Ralph and Lori Brickman
Arlene Brodsky
Jim and Candy Brody
Debbie Brosten
Dick and Sue Brovont
Bill and Theresa Brown
Fleda Brown and Jerry Beasley
Susan Brown
Susan Burks
Rhonda Busch
Bob Butz and Nancy Flowers
Peggy Byland
Kevin Cain
Vicki Carpenter and Phil Downs
Grant and Terry Carrithers
Judith Case
Lorraine Cash
Ross Childs
Beverly Christensen
Ann Clark
Courtnee Clark
Marsha Clark
Kim Clarke
Jeri Cleverdon
Dorothy and Robert Clore
Marylou and Don Coe
Cathy Colburn
Beth Colton
Joseph and Deborah Conklin
Elizabeth Connelly
Diane and Dean Conners
Judy Cooper
Lane Corbin
Nancy Cotcamp
Daniel Cotter
Karen Courson
Michelle Courval and George Kinney
Mary Crawford
Peter Damm
K Daniels
Sonia daSilva
Jacqueline Davidson
Shannon DeBruyn
Caroline DeGraaf
Kathryn Den Houter
Nancy and Dave Denison
Tom and Audrey DeVault
Michael and Annie DeVries
Joan Dewey
Maureen and Doug DeYoung
Connie Donovan
Stephen and Carola Drosdeck
Mary Ann Dulcich
Linda Dunigan
Mary Jo Durivage
Barbara Duvall
Celia Ebert
Ronda Edwards-Barth
Sally and John Ellinger
Judy Ellis
Marcia Endo
Elizabeth Erdmann
Jeanne Esch
Barbara Eschner
Christine Esper
Erin, Paul and Christina Evans
Laura Fisher
Robin Fisher
Kevin Fitton
Joan Fitzgibbon
Ellen Fivenson
Maureen Fletcher
Jillian Foerster
Susan and Dick Ford
George Foster and Susan Gugel
Janis Frazee
Catherine Frazer
Julia Freiburger
Jean Frentz
Belinda Friis
Rondi and Carlton Fry
Carol Galvin-Flood
Janet Garvey
Tim Garvey
Lezlie Garvin
Lynn Geiger
Lisa Genesen
Roger Gerstle and Marjorie Rich
Deborah and Robert Gilbert
Davis Giles
Amy Gillard
David and Leslie Ginsberg
Sharon Glenn
Claudia Glynn
Lois Golightly
Rachel Goodstein
Pamela and David Grath
Christine and Michael Gravlin
Jill Greenfield
Michael Greer
Kathy Grinsteiner
John and Victoria Gudritz
Kay Gugala
Harry Gurthet
Mark Gustafson
Kathleen Guy
Pat Haber
Douglas Haberland
Matt Hagen
Carolyn Hahne
Gloria Halligan
Diane Hamilton
Peter Handley
Valarie Handy
Alice Hansen
Roger Hardnock
Mary and Phillip Harmeson
Judith Harnish
Susan and John Harrison
Alan Hartwick
Peggy Hasan
Neil Hawkins
Cynthia Hayes
Jane Hayes
James Heffner
Kristina Henke
Karla Herbold
Debra and William Hershey
Marguerite Hickman
Karen Hildebrandt
Walter Hoegy
John Hoffmann
Susan and Michael Hornby
Brian and Vicki Howard
Barbara Hunter
Barbara Ide
Kay and David Ingraham
Katy Jackson
Karin Jacobson and Robert Seeman
Michele Jacques
John and Kathleen Jahoda
Deyar Jamil
Joyce Jasinski
Margo Jeanchild
Kallie Jensen
Mike Johns
Margaret Jones
Virginia Judge
Gail and Kevin Juett
Elisa Julien
Annelle Kaspor and Joseph Jonika
Gloria Katz
Deborah Kearns
Tim Keenan
Deborah Keller-Cohen
Katie Kellogg
Thomas Kelly
Kathy and Clifford Kelto
Rosie and Tom Kern
John and Connie Kerns
Pat Kessel and Barb Gordon-Kessel
Robert and Karen Kingon
Valerie Kirn-Duensing
Chris Kitzman
Linda Koebert and Mike Vickery
Elizabeth and Mike Kolarevic
Kathleen Kovas
Ann Krantz
Cheryl Kreger
Barbara Kriigel
Gretchen Kronk
David Kronman
Connie Krusniak
John and Mary Lou Kuehn
Deb Kuhn
Kathleen Lagerquist
Deb Lake
Cristine Lammers
Carla Lange
Gail Lange
Gail Lanphear
Lynn Larson and Paul Christ
Marty and Dave Leavenworth
Colleen Lepper
Elizabeth Letts
Marcy and Jordan Lindberg
Margaret Littin
Jean and Don Livingston
Anita Look
Bill Lorne
Christopher Loud
Nancy Ludwa
Eleanor Luedtke
Patricia Mack
Stewart MacLeod
Kara Madion
Kathleen Maine
Bruce Makie
Scott Mandel
Rebecca Mang and Homer Nye
Jillian Manning
Lucas Marquette
Natalie Martin
Teresa Mathews
Larry Mawby
Jan Maxbauer
Debbie May
Kathryn and Phillip May
Barbara McBride
Pat McGhan
Sherry McNamara
Mark and Catherine McPherson
Millie Mellgren
Jan and Dave Merrell
Judith Mesack
Catherine Meyer-Looze
Carolyn Micklatcher
Phillip Mikesell
Alice and Frank Miller
Chris and Donna Miller
Jim Milligan
Megan Miranda
Emily Mitchell
Marsha Mixer
Guy Molnar and Matt McCormick
Malisa Monson
Scott Monteith and Kathy Baylis
Donna Moore
Jami Moore
Kristin Moore
Kay Moreau
Gloria Morkin
Karen Mountz
Tom Mountz
Nancy Muhlig
Margaret Murphy
Greg Nachazel
Cheryl and Richard Naperala
Sarah Naperala
Christine and Randy Nelson
Timothy Nelson and Nancy Johnson
Kay Nemschoff
Bonnie Nescot and Timothy Barr
Robert Nichols
Kathleen Oconnell
Sue Olcott
Donna Olendorf
Lisa Oleson
Marjorie Oliver
Betsy Olson
Sarah Olson-Rosenbaum
Anne Marie and David Oomen
Jared Oosterhart
Barbara Papazian
Michel Pasquier
Maryellen Paull
Peter and Sarah Payette
Huel Perkins
Linda Perry
Mary Peters
Lyn and Gary Petty
Sarah Pfeil
John Pfluecke
Doris Pierson
Tina Piotrowski
Dennis and Barbara Piskor
Ann and Tom Post
Nancy Postorino Reeves
Julie Povolo
Jane Purkis
Celeste Rabaut
Kristen Rabe
Jo Radant
Mary Randall
Amy and William Ranger
Megan Raphael
Judith Reich
Bob and Kathryn Reidy
Phyllis Relyea
Amanda Remai
Patricia Rice
Philip and Joan Richardson
Sue Ring
Nora Robinson
Michael and Libby Robold
Joanne Rochow
Jane Rodgers
Ellen Rosewall
Jon and Elizabeth Roth
Katherine Roth
Deborah Rough
Kathleen Rowley
Craig Ryan
Laura Sabo
Sara Satkowiak
Susan Sawyer
Chris Schatte
Ed and Amy Schindler
Lucy Schoener
Janice Schuler
Ann Schwandt
Sharon Scranton
Donald Seman
Laura Seymore
Angela Sheets
Karla Sherman
Heather Shumaker
Peg Siciliano
Arjun Singh
Charlotte Slater
Nancy Sloan
Ann and Mark Smith
Ed Smith and Mary Raz Smith
Michelle Smith
Richard Smith
Susan and Terry Smith
Ann Snyder
Kathleen Solotkin
Barbara Stamiris
Paul and Leslie Starsoneck
Jane Stauffer
Patricia Stearns
Donna Stein
Ann Stephens
Lynn Stephenson
Jill Stiltner
Ruth and Bob Stow
Tom Streasick
Karen Strom
Ryan Sullivan
Ann Swaney
Mike and Cindy Swift
Sara and David Taft
James Tambling
Michael and Terry Tarnow
Katherine Telma
Deborah Temperly
Barbara Tessmer
Lisa Thauvette and Brian Thelen
William Thauvette
Joanne Thomas
Margaret Tipsword
Geraldine Torno
Joe Torrence
Richard Tourre
Mary Treadway
Jocelyn Trepte
Gail Trill
Mary and John Tris
Catherine Valovick
Howard and Trish Van Houten
Norm Veliquette
Doug Verellen
Liz VerSchure
Rhonda Voorheis
Pam Vredevoogd
Steve and Linda Wade
Mary Walsh
Sylvia Walworth
Janet Ward
Paula Ward
Jane Warriner
Carolyn Washburn
David Watt
Patricia Weber
Rose Wehrman
Karen Wells
John and Diane Wemlinger
Joanne Westphal
Norman and Mimi Wheeler
Richard and Rajkumari Wiener
Joe and Glenda Wierzbicki
Elizabeth Williams
Alice Wolfe
Steven Wynkoop
Nancy Yarbrough
Pam Yee
Olga Yiparaki
Mary lou Zaloudek

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