by Walker VanderMeulen, 04/13/2020, grawn, mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

Hi my name is Walker. What i’m seeing on the news and what i’m hearing is scary. A lot of people are getting sick and a lot are dying. I have never been through something like this. I have to stay home. My mom wont let me go anywhere. When she leaves she wears a mask. my mom still has to work. Is she going to get sick? is she going to die? is she going to bring it home? so many things go through my head and my mom keeps telling me everything will be ok, its in gods hands. What will god do? my mom tells me when she drives to work or goes to the store it’s like a ghost town and almost everything is closed. I’m scared and my biggest thought is what will the world be like after this? what till my town be like after this? All i can continue to do is stay home and stay safe and pray our world will still come out on top after this..