by Rianna Arnold, 04/06/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School Category

The news has blown up bigger than ever in generation z’s lifetime. So many conversations are swarming everyday life and the internet; we don’t know what’s true anymore. The only apparent solution to the pandemic is staying inside. But how long can people isolate before they throw themselves out there and ignore the government entirely?

What we are hearing is every authority on the planet begging us to “self-isolate” and “stay home, stay safe”. We go from “woohoo no school or work!” to “please let me go outside”. Our opinions and words have changed completely in the past few months. Everyone who made what they thought were amazing jokes about COVID-19 turned to panic and total insanity once it reached them. What are we saying now? Well, we are starting to get bold and simply state against the radio stations and government powers because we don’t find it so funny anymore. Laughs and excitement turned quickly into groaning and complaining. Opinions change from person to person: despite all of the sayings being thrown around i’ve chosen not to listen. We can effortlessly fall into others’ sentences and verbal comments that are plainly untrue. I’d like to voice my thoughts and my sayings. I think and say that those who believe the wrong become the wrong. What I mean is, if you panic and stress inside your home you will end up running from safety straight into the virus. Believe everything and you’ll most likely stress even faster.

I see everyone all throughout my city having house parties and get togethers and i’m thinking that these people are going to fall victim first. If you’re going to see someone you should keep a little distance and keep track of your own safety. What i would like to tell the next generation if and when another pandemic happens is to stay calm and stay in your own bubble. You must be a tiny bit selfish you get through these times as quickly as possible.

I’m staying where my senses are comfortable, in my home. This way i’m not overwhelmed or peeking over my shoulder every minute to make sure no one is coughing. Nature has not changed for anything; it rains, it snows, there’s wind, etc.
As long as the planet is still structured in its natural process we shouldn’t over excessively panic. In short everyone is speaking, everyone is listening but unless it is logical to us personally we should not engage it. What makes sense to everyone worldwide is to keep distance so that we can protect ourselves and slow the spreading. Everyone must listen to what will keep them safe and what makes a safer environment for everyone. If you listen to less and believe yourself more, you’ll stay safe and keep others safe.