by Piper Banks, 06/18/2020, gaylord, mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

On march 11th school was declared closed for the next three and a half weeks or until April 6th that’s what the sealed letter said that was sent home to our parents. I never really took this pandemic seriously, never wearing masks, barely washing my hands, and hardly ever sanitizing. Then seeing those numbers of cases rising thousands every day i thought it was a joke. I mean that’s what you see in movies not in real life. That’s when i realized one day i woke up in a pandemic. Then those few weeks turned into long boring months, no friends, no sports, no birthdays, and come on you couldn’t even cough or sneeze without the whole store giving you the nastiest looks assuming you had “the virus”. I eventually just realized nothing was going to be normal again. Until the quarantine was lifted and everything was opening back up but then i seen how many people were out in public walking around and shopping and hanging out then all the protests and now all i can think of is this whole opening up thing just backfiring. I mean the horrible life of the virus will just come and bite us in the butt. The only thing that runs through my head is why me i’m only 13 i wasn’t prepared for this. I’m just waiting, waiting for the day when i’ll wake up and everything will go back to normal. i wish on shooting stars and four leaf clovers and anything you can wish on but these days i don’t think wishing will help bring things back to normal.