by Evi Mar Danielson, 05/12/2020, Traverse City, MI

Elementary K-5 Category

The icy cold whether outside reminds me of my thoughts, all the swooshing and whooshing and snow and rain, it’s very depressing to watch it all come down. In my thoughts the same thing happens again and again and again, all day every day, it is quite sad.
On the bright side it gives me lots of family time to enjoy. Good things and bad things are happening to me and it’s good for me to be prepared for what could happen in the future. As they say “nothing good can happen until something bad happens“. All of that is true and you should know it, after all I know it and I am only 8 years old.
Now I bet lots of us are wondering: is it the bat’s fault for flying in China or the lady’s fault for eating it?
Nowadays people are really just scared, they try to hide it but it’s easy to see. I love school and I miss all of my friends and teachers at least I get to FaceTime them. I’m glad I have my dogs and my parents to be with me during these hard times.