by Chloe Makowski, 04/09/2020, Interlochen, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

My friends and I at first found the virus a joke we got out of school even if we still had work today. Then the virus became worse and we got a better understanding that this situation is not ideal for living. All in all, we have made fewer jokes about the whole situation.
My family has told me how serious this is. I have tried to remind myself that even if I want to go out I can’t for my safety as well as others’ safety through this virus. I have watched the news and followed as many possible procedures that I could, Like not going out if possible staying away from people, etc. there are so many thoughts going on in everyone’s head now the other day my older sister and I went grocery shopping for my grandparents you could tell people were looking because we were younger. My mom has been more worried than anyone I have ever seen, she has disinfected the house especially with my toddler brother and a newborn sister. It’s hard to keep track of the house. During this time I have thought about what would happen if someone close to me gets the virus thoughts like they have been rushing through my brain since I first heard the virus was spreading even worse than at the start. I have cleaned and tried to stay at home whenever I can. My brain has thought about things that normally I would never think about. Something I would like my children to know about this whole virus thing is that not everything you will come across will be easy some people say that staying home is easy. I want them to know that life will not always be in their favor and that they will face things that some people will not even be able to imagine going through. As well as that I want them to know that if the world gets through this I know they will be able to get through whatever it is that happens whether it is good or bad I want them to know that things happen and people grow and so can they. But if this does happen to them in the future I want them to know how serious it is, being scared to go out or not being able to hang out with your friends or see your family on events canceling trips that we have waited for. But most importantly that people are losing jobs and losing money. At the end of the day, we have all suffered from this virus but not as much as some have.