The Teacher's Voice

The Teacher’s Voice, an online literary magazine for poets and writers in education, seeks poetry, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction for a forthcoming anthology on Race in U. S. Education.
From the editors, “While pieces dealing with racism will be included in the anthology, we are looking for more; and we have always had a backlog of witness pieces from caring teachers focused on their troubled poor students in troubled poor schools. What comes after witnessing? How does “race” intersect with culture, class, gender, etc.? Surprise your reader: there is room for humor, sci-fi, the confessional, the experimental, and much more. Given your own “race,” look for the subtleties and complexities in your relationship with U.S. education. If you see none take a deep breath…and look again.”
Submission deadline remains open until enough selections have been made to fill the published anthology. Read all about it.