by Ashley Beeler, 04/08/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

These times are weird. We have to stay home, can’t hangout with family and friends, and have to work and do everything from home. Most people would agree that you definitely should stay home to help end the virus, to keep you and your family safe. But not everyone agrees on the topic about the coronavirus. Some people believe that this is just a hoax, or that it is not as bad as it seems.
In the past few weeks I have seen nurses post on instagram about how bad it is getting, and how they urge people to take this seriously and to stay home. But I have also seen a video of someone walking around New York City and there were no lines in the hospital and that it was not that bad. The problem with videos and certain news is that you do not know what time they filmed the video or reported the news, everything can change drastically in hours.
Many senators have been asking President Trump for supplies, such as respirators, masks, and protective gear. But they have not been getting enough of those supplies to protect their citizens and their health workers. With how urgent this disease is we all need to be willing to help and work together. My family has started to make masks for our community hospital, and we have been going shopping for our elders. I have also seen other people helping our community in those ways too. I know my friends are staying home these days to protect their loved ones that are older in age as well.
During times like this we all need to be reading the right information to understand what is going on. We can not just think about ourselves, we have to remember that our country is not the only one being compromised by this virus. Italy, Spain, UK, and France are only some of the other places that have also been badly affected by the coronavirus.
Our doctors and scientists are working very hard to find an antidote to this virus, but it is hard because this is a whole new one. Our scientists are putting a lot of different ideas out, but they have to test them before they can say it will definitely work. Doctors are using already existing medicine to treat some of the symptoms of the virus.
What we all should be doing right now is staying home and only going out if we need to. We all should help and listen to the information out there to stay informed on whatever comes our way. If this ever happens in the future we will be ready to face it.