by Marty Mater, 05/03/2020, Traverse City, MI

Adult Category

One of our newest creations
Is a military division to enforce
In-space military operations
Thus, we have The Space Force!

However, we now have created
A different definition of space
And even if our military escalated
We can’t seem to stay in one place

To keep six feet apart seems difficult
The distance demands explanation
For any energetic kid or adult
The restrictions are beyond frustration

The only other battles in space
Appear as byte against megabyte
How can ‘the cloud’ be in place
When our computers continue to fight?

The warfare produces the buffering
With too many computers in use
Extremely slow streamings cause suffering
So ‘Space Force’ – what’s your excuse?

Clean up the cloud and the air
Let the public have more broadband
Destroy hackers and keep us aware
Of those viruses in our homeland.