by Max Davis, 05/12/2020, Traverse City, MI

Elementary K-5 Category

Quarantine has its ups and downs. One of the nice things about being in quarantine is that you can connect with your family more. One of the bad things about quarantine is you can’t see your friends. It can get a little lonely and boring but there is still good out in the world so remember be happy and don’t let these sad times bring you down. And remember to stay positive and this will all be over soon.quarantine has made life a lot different not being able to see friends is kinda weird and it is hard not to go out into the store and only being allowed to go on hikes. It is strange to see people wearing masks so you can’t tell if they are smiling or laughing. Many people are coming up with things so they can see and play with their friends but at the same time social distancing. The time we are in now is going to be told by many people and those people could be your future kids and then they’ll tell their kids and it will be remembered by those people. That is the way the world works and we can’t stop it and sometimes we wish we could stop time or go back in time but sometimes you just have to think about the good things in life like siblings or pets the things you love will help you get through this. So be kind and practice social distancing and it will go by faster so stay safe and happy and it will all be over soon.

By MaxDavis