by Becky Eubank, 06/04/2020, Gaylord, Mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

Being quarantined for over 2 months is an experience I’ll never forget. I went from seeing my friends everyday to not seeing them at all. I was used to everyday being planned out. I knew what we were doing every hour. Then March 13th my school shut down. We were expected to be out of school 3 weeks and that soon turned into almost 3 months. No one knows when this virus will be gone or how the world is going to look after. I’m in middle school which is already a struggle. On top of that I’m going into highschool and I’m not getting the preparation I need that my teachers would’ve been proving in school. Going to a new school and graduating online is scary. I don’t know what next year is going to look like or if anything will ever be “normal” again and that’s also scary.