by Jäeger Griswold, 06/30/2020, Central Lake, MI

High School 9-12 Category

Earth has been plagued with disastrous occurrences for hundreds of years, and the latest yet, a viral pandemic that has the globe under significant struggle and conflict. Nations are fighting, not each other, but internally for time. Scientists are racing for a vaccination for COVID-19, in order to eliminate the vigorous death toll and bring the world back to its original state. In the United States, most have been practicing social limits and secluding themselves from normal lives. Like many Americans in this time, I have been in my house for three months now, finding any and all new sorts of entertainment in quarantine. The majority of us look to the news and reports for updates and hope in our country, and unfortunately, lately our country’s people have suffered, and been divided.
My story of this quarantined life comes from an unusual, third person, and desperate perspective that can only relay the events happening around me. I can voice an opinion and attempt change and provide help for where it’s needed, but in a troubled society facing a pandemic, my tale can only be told without a sure ending. In fact, it is unknown if we have even reached our dreaded climax, let alone our resolution. Sharing stories of what I have seen and heard so far amounts to a rising action, where death and illness continue to plague our medical staff and supplies, with new debates spawning between our own people. So even despite every other conflict inside this country, we are currently battling a virus with no vaccination and resolution. This story is only part way through, any finale or completion is unknown, so at this point it is up to fate and the American people to resolve conflict and overcome this disaster.