by Brianna Brackett, 04/13/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

About 2-3 months ago i was going through a tough time with my mother and my step parents took custody of me from my mother, that’s when my life changed for the better. My new moms name is sam and my dad is francis. before all of this happened i had amazing friends but my best friends were saharah and ashley i dont have a phone so, i cant contact them, i asked the school to give sams phone number to them but they haven’t picked up, at all and what’s going on with the corona virus im worried but my worst fear is they hate me for leaving, i left at spring break and couldn’t say goodbye, and never will be able to. but other than that, its pretty fun, i live in an apartment and there are 3 other kids i know in my apartment (there all boys, god help me) and there nice but i know there all fighting for me so i never spend to much time with one because then its cat and 2 dogs but other than that there nice, and my new family are disney freaks been to disney over 10-20 times but i’ve went 6 times and its fun. me and sam are very much alike we love the same things, sometimes and sometimes have girls night outs were both party’rs and love each other. i’m glad that my life turned for the better because i’m living a dream with all my new friends at school and get to communicate with some of my old friends from my old school and life is good. so i’m gonna tell you my story from my point of view. Raegan Bowers is one of my good/best friends in my new school and Mckenna, Lilyan, Max, Hayden, Briah, Jazlynn, Madison, and Spencer, and many more spencer i give moral support sometimes because his crush that he loved rejected him and he needs support, jaz, and the friendship of my good friends of mine who do things to themselves such as self harming and i try to help them but i fail 90% of the time it is sad but i’m doing what i can and the rest are just friends but more than just friends there best friends. and i get to see my mom every other weekend and i get to see my dog and 2 cats herbie/burt is a cocker spaniel and he is my cut puppy and one of my cats (both are black and white) one of my cats name is Lucy/lucifer and ebbie skinny minnie and i get to see my step dad as well at my moms. so that is My Life This Year!