by Annalyn Peplinski, 04/09/2020, Interlochen, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

I have very mixed emotions about the corona virus or in other words the Covid-19, but even though it is in a way tearing apart b certain people out of jobs and most out of their schools, it is also bringing most together as a family and community. Some are now able to spend more time together as a family to talk and enjoy each other’s company, which is good for everyone.Because we need to focus on the people who have recovered and survived this rather then only being focused on the
negative aspects. I am not saying to forget those who did not survive. I am just saying in a way to honor them we need to not only remember them but embrace those who got through it because of those who didn’t. We need to remember we have been through worse and again I am not saying that what is going on around us is not completely awful I am saying that I think together as a community, as a state, as a country, as a hemisphere, and as the world we can and will get through this. I am talking a lot about community and how it’s bringing us together and how as a community we will get through this, and I understand that we are not necessarily seeing the people in our community we are or at least my family and most people I have talked to are getting out in there near by community, such as going on a walk with there parent and or siblings. Or just going and sitting in the sun by your self. Or talking a pet out. We are getting out into nature and being able to see what it has to offer. And I realize what’s going on is completely awful, I am human, and I am a teenager who is now because of this missing out on many things, I can’t go on my first out of state vacation, no end of year grade dance, no finishing off my hard worked school year, my birthday will be spent without my friends who I can’t see, and we don’t get to hang out with anyone other then immediate family. And it really really sucks. I can’t imagine how the seniors must be feeling, missing their prom, graduation, and just the proud feeling and relief that they made it though. But again I just think we need to remember and honor those, and always remind our selfs that we will get through it.