by Lorna Corso, 05/09/2020, Kewadin, MI

Adult Category

My Hair is Flat

My hair is flat. Transitioning to gray has been forced upon me. I haven’t had a haircut in eight months and my go-to style is a pony tail or a bun. There are remnants of my last manicure and pedicure and it’s not pretty although I have made attempts to correct the situation. I wear hats when I leave the house with a mask around my neck. I can’t remember the last time I wore a necklace or earrings.

I walk 4-5 miles every morning without fail. The desert is blooming and the valley is green. As the days speed toward summer and temperatures rise, my walking buddies found starting their day earlier didn’t work for them so on I walk with my headset and music or podcasts as my companions. I have named walking routes – Twofer (two steep hills), Tunnel Me (take off your sunglasses and walk fast while watching for snakes and bats), and the Southern Long Haul (long hill inclines as I head straight south). I am unrecognizable if you haven’t seen me in my walking garb – big hat, headset, mask, loose, comfortable walking clothes. Nothing good looking about this gal – all about walking.

I walk with my eyes on my path forward to watch for snakes. I watch the ant freeways across the path trying not to step on them – amazed at the things I see them carry to their community. They scurry along their paths bravely focused on the moment and the task – no fear. Perhaps there is a lesson in that.

Neighbors are checking on one another. Messages fly back and forth – does anyone have flour…I am going shopping today – may I pick up some things for you? We have a community shared library. Neighbors donated books, magazines, puzzles and DVDs to share. Occasionally there is a thank you note left from people outside the neighborhood who find our library. A cigar smoking realtor found our library and is a frequent visitor. I often see him in his car reading or sitting under a tree on a bench with book and cigar in hand. A giant Barbie with a mask showed up one day. She sat beside the book library for a few days and now she is out and about visiting neighbors with the promise of Facebook pictures of her adventures.

The days are falling away with time to dream, time to laugh, time to draw closer. I have slowed down time and changed my approach from what I “need to do” to what I want to do. I stopped trying to fix things, change things – I am letting go. There are less stress lines on my face – replaced with smile lines and mirth in my eyes. Cold, refreshing water is my drink of choice. Mornings watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee and time for prayer brings peace. Happy hour with Mike and a glass of wine or gin and tonic while watching the light play it’s evening song on the mountains and sky brings immeasurable joy.

The anticipation as you unwrap a gift brings unexpected joy. Perhaps a time such as this also brings us a gifts to discover. I am unwrapping these unexpected gifts – thankful. My hair is flat but I find contentment in this time of pause.