by Blake DuBois, 04/09/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

Personally, the Coronavirus does not make me very nervous. My family and I have stayed home and safe during the whole lock down. Me and my friend really just want to hang out but, we also know that this virus is very serious. We are trying to wash our hands everytime we get a chance. For example, after everytime I go outside and come back in I wash my hands as soon as possible. Also, me and my friends are talking about when sports will come back on television and when will our sports teams start practicing again? My baseball season has been canceled till this virus clears up and my friends soccer is canceled until at least June. My family and I have been talking about how everything will hopefully go back to normal after this virus clams down. When the virus calms down my baseball will start up so we will be traveling a lot again. In the meantime we have been working on things around the house to pass the time. Me and my friends are also talking and are curious about how long this will go on? We really want to know how much longer we will have being stuck at home? We have talked about good movies to watch because we are all very bored with no school and no sports game or practices going on. We keep in touch often about the school work we get via technology. And make sure to help each other if we do not understand what we are supposed to do or if we do not know how to do a certain type of problem or question. There have been conversations between us about why UFC and the NFL draft are still going on right now with this virus going on and yet all other sports needed to cancel their seasons? We feel that they should also need to be canceled because in UFC you are touching the other person for a long amount of time and you do not know what the other person has been doing during this quarantine. It only makes sense to us because everyone else has to stay separated and follow the guidelines. We have also talked about how the school year has been canceled for the year and we do not need to make it up next year. We just move right on to the next grade. These are most of the topics that my friends, family, and I have been talking about and doing during this crazy time of quarantine.