by brynn turnquist, 04/09/2020, Traverse city, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

March 13th, 2020. Little did I know that my last day of 8th grade would also be my birthday. The virus had barely spread to the U.S., but we were already going into lockdown. Which meant no friends, no extended family, and no going to public places. The beginning of this pandemic had started slowly. There were a few people that were still hanging out with a couple friends, a few that went on spring break anyways, only to be sent back home when the virus escalated further. This virus has now been compared to multiple other historic events such as The Great Depression, The Stock Market Crash, and the Black Plague.

The first week or so was pretty hard. I was tired of being around my annoying brothers, and eventually getting tired of my own Mom because her work was not considered ‘essential’. Thankfully, my Dad arrived home from Nebraska and we were able to escape and go to his house for a few days.. I was so sick and tired of just sitting at home all day, doing absolutely nothing, because I am always on the go. I missed Volleyball more than anything, and felt lost without it. Instead of practicing with my team, I was left at home doing numerous drills against the wall and my net, all alone. This all just felt like a dream that I couldn’t bring myself to wake up. I had gotten so lonely.

The next week was more fun than the last. It was the week that spring break would start, so my Dad had started taking me up into an empty subdivision behind our house to start practicing my driving skills. But still, driving was the most entertaining source and I couldn’t do it all the time so again, I was left bored. But there was an especially beautiful day outside where it reached 60 degrees! That day was the most fun I had in awhile. Being outside all day had definitely lifted my spirits, playing volleyball, basketball, neucum, and riding the quad through the trails we had formed in our backyard. But soon enough, the stunning day had come to an end and I was left alone in the dark again.

This last week was by far the hardest time I have experienced in my entire life. I miss my friends and my teachers, and the thought of not walking into West Middle School again hurts my heart. I have worked so hard in my years of being at that school. Making new friends, meeting new teachers, and just having fun. I miss school and I miss learning, I would give anything to be there again. This pandemic has changed my life, for better or for worse I don’t know. I just want everything to go back to normal, and I know now to never take going to School for granted.