Lisa Thauvette is an education consultant and improviser who works with teachers, innovators, and leaders on fostering human potential, with the ultimate aim of advancing peace and harmony in micro societies, always with the macro in mind. Her industry experience spans automotive, IT, and education, serving in a variety of roles including human resources, teaching, and for the past 11 years as the head of school at International Montessori school in Brussels, Belgium. She has lived and worked internationally for most of her career, from Bangkok, to Buenos Aires, to Boulder, to Brussels. Now with feet firmly planted in Traverse City, she is the founder of Tilt Think, consulting with leaders in education, and beyond, on tilting perspectives and scenarios.

Lisa is an avid patron and performer of the theatrical arts—passing on a rattle as an infant, in favor of jazz hands. Comedic improvisation is her outlet now, belonging to the professional improvisation troupe, The Ghost Sheep, out of Brussels. Lisa sees improvisation sharing many of the same tenets as the NWS speaking series—elevating the art of storytelling through live moments together, which will never be repeated.

Lisa is thrilled to serve on the board of the National Writers Series and to support lifting the arts in the community through local and live events around literature. The melding of intellect and art in a communal experience is thrilling to her. The NWS’s initiatives in education on the elementary, secondary, and collegiate levels, as well as the author-in-residence program, are visionary and impactful to our collective future.