by Mia Silveri, 04/08/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

We are only just starting the 4th month of 2020 and there have already been way too many horrible and tragic things happening. For example Australia has been having horrible wildfires, WW3 was almost started, etc., and on top of it all a deadly virus has spread throughout the entire world and it has shut down everything. It has shut down our lives because everything has closed and we are all in quarantine. At this moment in time we are in the middle of all of this chaos and there has been an alarming amount of deaths from the coronavirus. There is no way to know what’s going to happen or what the best way to deal with all of this is but we are trying our best.

In the state of Michigan Governor Whitmer has canceled school for the rest of 2020 although kids complain about school and always say that we hate school etc. Being in this quarantine has made us realize how valuable school actually is because without it all we would do is sit inside doing nothing like we are doing in this quarantine which definitely is not good for our brains or for us as people. Throughout this quarantine I have been keeping up with my online school work, I have been taking zoom dance classes with my studio, I have been keeping in contact with all of my friends and family whether it’s through texting, facetiming, calling, etc. My family, friends, and I are all doing everything we can to be safe and practice social distancing during this time.

No one knows what to do about all of this and everyone is panicking but throughout all of this every single one of us is playing a part in keeping our world safe. Even though the part that we all play seems small and not useful, just the act of staying inside is keeping millions of people from dying throughout all of this. Multiple people are not following the rules and guidelines that the government has given us to ensure our safety and when people aren’t practicing social distancing they aren’t playing their part in society because they are putting everyone at risk. The coronavirus is a real and serious thing and we need to do everything in our power to help keep everyone safe. The reality is that people are dying and it’s not going to stop until everyone does their part and practices social distancing. Personally I have lost one of my older great aunts who was 94 to covid-19.

When we finally come out of this there’s definitely going to be an extreme change in the world. We don’t know what’s going to happen or how this will end. All we know right now is how it’s affecting us right now and so far it hasn’t done much good. We are all worried and stressed but we have to stay positive and continue to fight and stay strong throughout these terrible times.