by Peyton Corbin, 06/03/2020, Gaylord, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

Life During Quarantine: Thoughts From My Journal
Day 99,
It has been 99 days since quarantine started and for the majority of it I was with my Mom (I had so much fun with her, my stepdad Sean and my sister Jazi!), which was almost three months. Normally, I am with my Mom one week and then my Dad the next and so on. It was so hard not seeing my Dad, my stepmom and sister through all of this, but we tried creative ways to make sure we were all still connected. We would facetime a lot, they would come to my Mom’s driveway to socially distance see me and throw air hugs, and my Dad and I even went on a socially distanced hike once. I have been at my Dad’s for 5 days now only because I couldn’t take any longer without fully seeing them and not giving them actual hugs! Quarantine has been very different for me; it is not like anything I have been through, nor anything anyone has been through. Quarantine has taught me that you should spend time with your family and friends as much as you can because you don’t know how long it will be until you see them next.
Day 100,
It has been 100 days since quarantine started, and it has been 6 days at my dad’s house, and I’m really happy to be back. Little things that you never think you will miss, you do! I missed my bed, for instance…my fairy lights and my dogs. We have had bonfires, played a ton of Skip-Bo and watched some movies outside. It has been so much fun here, and I am just so happy. Mikenna and I have gotten much closer than we had in the past. I do miss playing Mario Kart with Sean and beating him almost every time; that was the best. I also kinda miss my sister Jazi yelling at us for being too loud in the living room while she was trying doing school work in the dining room, lol, and I really miss my Mom like always, but I talk to her all the time.
Day 114,
It has been 114 days since the Coronavirus quarantine started, and it finally ended! Well, it somewhat finally ended, but things are looking up! From the days that I have not written in my journal, a lot of things have happened and my emotions are all over the place. Last Friday was graduation for both of my sister’s; this is something that neither of them thought they would see this year, and it was so sad to think of. Gaylord put together a great celebration though, and it was such a cool thing to be a part of. It still makes me sad that so many other seniors never had that chance and won’t because of this pandemic. With that sadness, that also means my sisters are off to college and won’t be living with us anymore; they have been there for me for my whole life, and now when I am going into high school they are both leaving.
The best part for me during graduation is that both of my families were together again for the first time in so long. We were able to be super close in our rows because of their last names, and I was able to see my Mom, Sean and Jazi, along with hanging out with my Dad, Kelly and Mikenna the entire time. It was the first time since quarantine started that I felt whole and genuinely happy.
I never realized how much I would miss either side of my family before all of this started. When you’re without either side of your family that you are used to being with every day, it can really start to break your heart in ways you can’t imagine, no matter how much fun you’re having. Quarantine has had a huge impact on my life in that manner, one I know that I will never forget; one I think nobody will forget. I have learned to love and laugh more with my parents, and put my phone down to genuinely cherish what matters most. I have also become a little bit closer with Jazi, and Mikenna and I are nearly inseparable. Quarantine has been rough for many people, but for me, it has brought me closer to those I love the most, and I am so grateful.