by Ethan Murphy, 04/09/2020, traverse city, mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

The Corona Virus has affected almost 1,600,000 people worldwide, COVID-19 is a pandemic that will definitely go in not just United States, but worldwide history. Although this is a major issue, there are many ways that we can help stop this. One of the ways we can help slow the spread of this virus is by washing your hands, and keeping them away from your face. Although this is a major problem, if we all take the right precautions, we can all get through this.
Covid-19 is closing schools, businesses, and forcing people to stay home all around the world, this is causing issues with stock, and just businesses in general. We as a community can help slow the spread by keeping our hands off of our face and staying away from large crowds, because if we keep spreading this virus, we will have to stay home for even longer. This virus affects people of 60 years of age and up the worst with the worst mortality rate as any other age.
The Corona Virus is a respiratory infection, that means it is mainly in your lungs, and it makes it harder for you to breathe. It is hard to tell who has it and who doesn’t because it can take up to two weeks to show any symptoms. Symptoms can include a cough, fever, tiredness, and in severe cases, difficulties breathing. In most children, you may confuse it for a common old, or the flu, as it shows similar symptoms, we need to stay quarantined so all of the citizens that already have it can recover. If we do, we might be able do do things regularly again, in China, they are slowly opening things up to the public again.
To say the least, this virus needs to be contained. If we don’t, things can go seriously wrong, and we may not be able to leave our houses for a long time. If we can contain this virus, the 1,600,000 people that currently have it, can recover, and the whole world can go back to normal, just how we like it. If anything, this virus has taught people to take more precautions before doing anything, because if you don’t, there can be serious consequences.