NWS Author Next Door: Jeff Smith

NWS Author Next Door: Jeff Smith
Summer 2016 release: “Becoming Amish” By: Jeff Smith

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Book Description:
Bill and Tricia Moser were living in one of America’s wealthiest communities—Grosse Pointe, Michigan—when they stepped away and began a journey that led to full immersion in a horse-and-buggy Amish life.
No more BMWs. No more architecture career for him. No more occupational therapy career for her. Instead, the Mosers drew close with their children, built pallets for money, wore homemade clothes, and bonded with people of their Amish faith and community. In Becoming Amish, they offer a modern couple’s honest perspective on that separate and seemingly cloistered world, a perspective that is uniquely insider and outsider at the same time.
The Mosers’ journey is rich and fascinating all on its own, as we learn about the inner workings of the Amish faith, ways and culture—what their church services are like, how their businesses succeed at such a high rate, how they are so remarkably connected on a human scale (without Facebook!), how they balance technology in their lives, and more.
But though the couple’s decision can seem extreme, it can also serve as a mirror that helps us reflect upon our own choices, our own beliefs and values. If we were to be as intentional about our lives, how would we realign our choices big and small to achieve a fulfilling life?
About the author:
Jeff Smith is a journalist and editor who has written extensively about the environment, the outdoors and lifestyle during the course of his 30-plus year career. He first wrote about his lifelong friends the Mosers following the economic crash of 2008 as a magazine story that folded into the then-emerging national conversation about people seeking simplicity, meaning and balance as a way to live more fulfilling and intentional lives. He currently edits an award-winning Michigan magazine titled Traverse Magazine, which covers life in the northern Great Lakes.
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