by Akyedzi Acheampong, 05/12/2020, Traverse City, MI

Elementary K-5 Category

Hi, my name is Akyedzi but you can call me Chez and this is what is going on in my head. Wait can pigs fly? When did I get a cow? Oh, I don’t have a cow. What’s the difference between a potato and a potato? Why am I doing this anyway? Oh yeah it is for a prize. Now I am really motivated! But can someone please answer these questions? I bet you don’t know what I like. Try to guess. Okay, I’ll answer for you. I like turtles, pancakes, and books. But one of my true passions is writing even though I am not going to get a prize. Anyway, let’s get back on topic but this time I will not ask too many questions.

Did you know that “corona” means “crown”! So does that mean the coronavirus has a microscopic crown. Maybe that tiny crown is the key to killing the virus or it is just an accessory. Why are people protesting? Some people just might be better off watching TV all day than working. Protesting also does not scare away the virus. If something has a word meaning “crown” in it, it most likely doesn’t back down easily. Protesters, I’m talking to you. If you are going to protest, at least wear a mask and if you don’t, you just might regret it.

Now that I have time on my hands, I have been exercising. I have been doing a walking program but trust me, it is way harder than you think. I think I’m getting closer to seeing my abdominal muscles turn into a six-pack. Since I am the only child, I sometimes get bored. I usually get books from the library but since it is closed, I have almost nothing to do when I am done with my school work. Luckily, my teddy bear keeps me entertained. His name is Akyedzi Jr.

I miss my friends at school and I wish I could see them. Now that my mom is home we spend more time together. My dad was at college in Chicago but now he is home too. I am glad he is here because I almost never get to see him. Now he does school work online just like me. I am like a mini version of him.

Sometimes, my family goes out to an empty parking lot to enjoy family time and we are cautious. When we race, I have to give my mom a 10-15 meter head start because she is old. But somehow we tie or I win. But one thing we’re both good at is Scrabble. My mom has beaten me once and I have beaten her once but my dad is the best at Scrabble by far. I can never win against him. Family fun time is always a treat.

But there are still things that I do not like about this time. One thing that was bad about the virus is that school was closed for the rest of the year. Now you might be wondering why school being cancelled is so bad. Well, if you are the only child in your family and you don’t know any kids in your neighborhood, this is a big problem! Luckily, my teddy bears and I made it through. Another thing that I did not like about this time is the constant change of the government’s guidelines. First, they say stay 6 feet apart to decrease the spread of the virus. I thought, “That’s not too bad.” Next, they say that germs travel about 26 feet when someone sneezes. Then I thought, “Say what!!!! Do we have that much room???” But my teddy bears and I managed to get through.

Right now, in the world we all are in a fight of our lives against the coronavirus including myself. Not being able to see my friends and my teacher is hard, but we all have a part to play to combat the virus. We all have to be creative in this difficult situation to have fun. As this story comes to an end, I want to salute all the essential workers who put their lives on the line to save others. And on the behalf of everyone staying home, we say thank you all the first responders all over the world.