by Savannah Wells, 05/13/2020, Boyne City, Mi

Elementary K-5 Category

Hi, my name is Savannah Wells and, well, I’m going to be telling you how my life has changed because of the Corona Virus. My mom is a flight attendant so she is considered an essential worker but according to the CDC guidelines, she is at high risk so she cannot work but she is still getting a portion of her pay so for a family of 5 we can barely make a living, but because of our wonderful schools and city, we can have snacks and a full meal. So when I wake up I know that I will actually have a full stomach at the end of the day. If our amazing city hadn’t done this we would be starving and probably in a lot of debt so we could pay back the money we have borrowed. Also, we don’t have internet so you are probably asking yourself how are you able to do your schoolwork. Well, I have an iPad so I have a hotspot and I connect it to my Chromebook and do my work that way. That’s how the Corona Virus has impacted me and my family. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this.