by Dianna Nance, 05/29/2020, Traverse City, MI

Adult Category

I have four pair of sweat pants,
Two are black and two are blue,
No one’s here to see me,
To say they don’t look new.

My many long-sleeve T-shirts,
Are quite another matter,
Who notices if they have,
A little drip or spatter.

My hair could use a little cut,
The color is going bad,
The grey is really showing,
In other words it’s sad.

The color on my face,
Has gone from bright to white,
No makeup makes the mirror say,
You look an awful fright.

But the days are getting longer,
The sun is sometimes shining,
Something inside is telling me,
There is a silver lining.

So dear family and friends,
We’ll see each other soon,
And when we do we all will know,
Our lives are now in tune.

We’ll have a celebration,
We’ll party until dawn,
And pray that evil COVID,
Finally is GONE!