by Ava Hissong, 05/13/2020, boyne city mi, Mi

Elementary K-5 Category

It all started off at the end of January. No one really caught on to it till later. January 11 first coronavirus death in China. February everything was ok nothing major happened till the end of Feb. February 26 1 case in the united states suspected local transmission in the USA. February 29th first death reported in the USA. Mach 3 Cdc lifts restrictions for virus testing. March 13 trump declares national emergency. March 13 my school closed down and we left everything as it was at are school I left my girl scout cookies in my locker that was a big mistake now I bet there stale. all of my social studies books and stuff are still at my school. March 17 COVID 19 in all 50 states. March 19 Italy’s death toll passes china. people postponing things. March 26 USA leads the world in coronavirus cases. Now In May, only one person is allowed to go to the store per family the only way to be in contact with people is call, facetime, 6 feet away. people are unsure when its gonna end. school might be postponed for 2021 next year its gonna suck. stay safe be kind and stay home.