by Ben Hammack, 6-1-2020, Gaylord, Mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

June first, it has been a long time since the quarantine has been put in place.
People are going crazy even though this is for their own safety. I just wish they would stop acting like three year olds and take this seriously. Yes mistakes have been made by the government when it comes to the virus, like counting more deaths then there really is, but no one’s perfect. Personally I am tired of people saying it’s just a flu, if their last braincells could function correctly they would see the Covid-19 “season” has lasted longer then the flu season by 5ish months. Not to mention people are using this virus as a political resource which in turn is causing violence, confusion, and racism in a time when that is the last thing we need. I just want, no , need people to treat this like a virus and not an attack on the world from the Chinese.
Yes this is more of a rant than a well thought out and enlightening paper, but it’s something that needs to be out somewhere so someone can see things from an unclouded non old political man point of view.