by christine twigg, 05/10/2020, frankfort, mi

Adult Category

Covid-19 haikus

losing track of days
lethargy pulling you down
alert to crisis

spring comes late this year
on pause, it seems to question
ready? for new life?

seemingly endless
time has taken new meaning
used well, or withered

in the grip of fear
coverage of covid swamps
head up, keep breathing

smiling behind masks
hesitating to emerge
like flowers in snow

armpits reek of fear
waking, then trying to wake
dreams wrung out again

quarantine of two
yet silence is hard to find
busy noise natters

she scans the headlines
sitting in bed with coffee
such an easy ask

cleaned hands turned leather
now weapons of contagion
stilled from comforting

soap, lysol, cloth masks
instacart isolation
zoom graduation

black, grey, white or fake
party politics eats, spits
new dreams emerging

twelve hundred dollars
seemed a fortune, now empty
twenty twenty stares

I track the days steps
I count the number of words
pneumatic numbers