by marlie mcgregor, 04/13/2020, Traverse city Mi, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

Once I heard the news it was so scary I could hardly breathe. my heart was thumping faster and faster thump thump thump thump. There was a swarm of flies. I guess around the whole world and if it landed on you it gave you the covid-19. It has been a week of full on lockdown mode, there was no going outside only if you severely needed food. Also there was no opening windows nothing. I kinda forgot what the outside world looked like. When my mom came home from the grocery store she saw online that they caught all the flies with a device. But we still kinda have to slow down. there are no going into shops but we can at least go outside. It was been a month since they said we could go outside but no shops and now we are free to do any thing!!