by Abigail Houghton, 04/14/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

When the name COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus pops into your head you probably think of quarantine, sickness or other negative words/thoughts, but I am done with that. Why look at the negative, when the positive is right there? Most can’t find a reason to thank the Coronavirus, and while I’m not blind to the fact that this disease is causing horic and many people have died and millions more have felt negative effects, I also know that even though the glass may seem empty, there are a few drops left. Of course not everyone’s droplets are the same, but mine are: sleeping in, having more free time and less stress. I really miss seeing my friends and teachers and my school day has been 100% changed, but somethings have changed for good. Getting up at 8:30 is great, especially when you normally get up at 5:15! I can choose which school subject I get done first. I also can choose where I want to do it and unlike at school, I can do it at my own pace, without needing to be rushed. I’m a pretty fast learner, so I also have more free time to get stuff done that I have been meaning to do. You know that project that has been sitting in your garage for months? Now is the perfect time to get it done. And for me more free time means less stress. So all in all, even though it is not good and has really hurt the economy, Coronavirus is not only bad. The glass is not empty, so be thankful for the water droplets that are in the glass.