Book Review: Where History and Science Fiction Collide

Where History and Science Fiction Collide
by Maxine Tewsley
Professor Tuesday’s Awesome Adventures in History,
Book Three: The Underground Railroad
by Jeffrey L. Schatzer
I have read many books in my life. They each cling to my brain in a different way. Recently, I have been reading the third book in the series, Professor Tuesday’s Awesome Adventures in History. The third book is called The Underground Railroad. When I started reading the book, I immediately saw a unique plot line and and a very complex way of connecting with the reader. The author, Jeffrey L. Schatzer, uses diverse characters to demonstrate the plot line. He connects his readers to heroic figures in American history such as Frederick Douglass. He is able to use his words to give the reader a look in to a part of Douglass’ life in England. The knowledge of that time in his life is very condensed. Having the availability of this period of Douglass’ life is a riveting experience for the reader. I would encourage a reader who is interested in slavery in the U.S and the Underground Railroad to pick up a copy of this book. I believe it will not only open the eyes of those interested in the subject but also of those who do not yet recognize history’s importance.
The author Jeffrey L. Schatzer has won multiple national and international award for his creativity which is obviously a factor in his successful writing. Schatzer’s book is a one-of-a-kind historical fiction tale tweaked with some remarkable science-fiction. It’s most definitely a page turner.
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