by Lawrence Kaechele, 5/13/20, Traverse City, Mi

Adult Category

I wake and glance in the mirror. Slightly obese, turkey neck. Clad in Stratford sweats and v necked tee shirt. The virus is changing me into my father.

Plentitude of time has allowed me to devote energy to my most recent project. Compiling cookbook of recipes obtained from “Lock Up: Extended Stay”. Nothing like listening to a triple lifer reveal the secret to mouthwatering commissary nachos. Bon Appetit

Absence of normal life activities also fuels the desire to “make it right” on many fronts. Able to mount a meaningful defense to the relentless assault of squirrels against my birdfeeder. Time to close the buffet. Rocky will have to perform his gymnastics elsewhere. Hopefully new baffle will do the trick. Prior attempt to deter employed use of Meijer vegetable oil. This has only resulted in the development of slick veneer to everything I have touched since applying it to the feeder pole.

Hopefully we can soon resume our ordinary routines. Maintenance of activity schedule adopted during the pandemic may prove challenging.