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Thank you for your donation and/or purchase to the National Writers Series Spring Season!

Your support will indeed help us get through these tough times. As you know, we are hosting free virtual events until it’s safe to hold them again at the gorgeous Traverse City Opera House. Thanks to your support and others, we are keeping our “doors” open and we are so grateful. We are also able to go forward with our Raising Writing programs, including Battle of the Books, which we are hosting virtually this year. Because of the new format, we’re able to increase the number of our teams from 48 up to 80—so there is a silver lining to all this.

Registration, donation, and purchase details: 

Events you’ve registered for:

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**If you have registered for the Martha Teichner event you will receive a separate email with an Teichner event link.

Our events starts at 7 pm ET, with a pre-show starting at 6:45 p.m.

Morsels and Book Bundles you’re picking up:

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Donation Amounts: 

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Your donation portion is fully tax deductible and no goods or services were provided in return. Our EIN is 27-2470925.

Your payment should be reflected by a Stripe or PayPal receipt email. If you did not receive this or have any questions about this donation, please email Cindy Weaver at [email protected].

If you decide to register for additional events, you can return to this page and simply skip the events you’ve already registered for, or if you’re uncertain you may recheck/register for any events.  You may also return to order Morsels and Book Bundles, order books or make a donation without re-registering for the events.

Need Help with Zoom?

All events for the season will be available to watch using Zoom.  If you want to be certain you are able to watch all of the events, here is a page with videos and instructions on using zoom and saving the event link.

Please support our local bookstores!


Anne Stanton, Executive Director of the National Writers Series