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NWS 2014 Literary JournalThe 2014 National Writers Series (NWS) Literary Journal is hot off the press.

NWS introduced the National Writers Series Literary Journal in 2014 featuring creative writing from students in the Front Street Writers program. This year we expanded the literary journal to include submissions from other writers as well.

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When Doug Stanton was a young student and aspiring author, a local benefactor offered to help fund his final year at Interlochen Arts Academy, where he was a creative writing and theater major. “Having such an experience when I was a teenager,” says Stanton, “literally changed my life. I’ve never forgotten how fortunate I was to be taken seriously by practicing writers at such a young age.” He also never forgot the generous goodwill of the benefactor, Mrs. Helen Osterlin.
Benjamin Busch and Doug Stanton with Front Street WritersMotivated by a belief that “we can pitch in and, inexpensively, make our public schools richer places,” Stanton announced to a sold-out 2010 National Writers Series audience that he wanted to create, in downtown Traverse City, a free creative writing program for high school students. NWS had just awarded its first scholarships to college-bound high school students (during the 2012-2013 academic year, these awards will total more than $20,000). Traverse City Area Public Schools board president Gary Appel was in the audience and immediately expressed his support. He assisted in initiating important conversations with other TCAPS officials, including superintendent Stephen Cousins, who offered key support. Cousins asked Traverse City West High School assistant principal Stephanie Long to form an inaugural steering committee. Thus was born the Front Street Writers Studio Program in creative writing.
Benjamin Busch and Front Street Writers
Maggie Stiefvater at Front Street Writers

Front Street Writers
Just two years after Stanton announced his idea the National Writers Series and Traverse City Public Schools launched Front Street Writers, a for-credit, tuition-free,  rigorous creative writing program for public high school students. Led by publishing writers-in-residence, enthusiastic Traverse City Area Public School teachers, and NWS’s nationally renowned guest authors who conduct master classes with the students, the program treats the young writer as a serious artist and as a working professional. This is done with the belief that the creation of literature is an important, stimulating way of life and a way to forge a rewarding livelihood.

The Front Street Writers studio is located at 123 W. Front Street in downtown Traverse City, Michigan, in a nearly 4,000 square foot creative learning studio. Because of a generous donation from Steelcase and Jonathan and Marissa Wege, the stylish, state-of-the-art-building is equipped to accommodate classroom-style teaching, in-the-round workshops, formal readings, and interactive story editing. “We’re convinced,” says Stanton, “that walking through these doors are the authors of the stories you’ll be reading tomorrow – the fiction writers, poets, script writers, and journalists of the future. We look forward to welcoming them back to the National Writers Series stage, when they have published books of their own.


English Language Arts 11 or English Language Arts 12
1.5 credits (full year course)

Front Street Writers Program is designed specifically for students who are interested in studying writing as a craft and pursing writing as a potential profession. Students will be taught in a workshop setting by a professional writer with a Master of Fine Arts degree and a TCAPS instructor.

The program is open to independent, highly motivated students who have proven in 9th and 10th grades to have an aptitude for and love of writing. This full-year course will meet outside the standard school day, and students will need to provide their own transportation to the writing center downtown. Students will be required to develop a comprehensive and peer-critiqued writing portfolio, submit to student publications, and read their work at an exhibition open to the public. Visiting authors, workshops, and access to the networking of the National Writers Series are all benefits of choosing this exciting and innovative option to the traditional high school English course.

For more information, contact your school counselor who will give you more scheduling and program information or visit the Traverse City Area Public Schools website.

From Stephen E. Cousins
Superintendent, Traverse City Area Public Schools:

There is no greater measure of a culture’s worth than the articulate voices of its writers. Books offer our best and worst thoughts, embed our collective memory, and create worlds that dazzle gods and monsters. The Grand Traverse Region is blessed with an abundance of successful authors. They have come together to form the National Writers Series with the goal of giving each of us an intimate view of the author’s perspective. This conversation is not a small gift to our community; it is creating a legacy through scholarship and mentorship that will resonate through generations.

With this in mind, the Traverse City Area Public Schools and the National Writers Series are partnering to offer a unique opportunity to our students.  The Front Street Writers Program will immerse TCAPS high school students in creative writing through the mentorship of National Writers Series members and professional creative writers in residence. Our hope is that we will inspire the next generation of writers and nurture an art form that so often is the very measure of what good we have left behind. I urge you to support the National Writers Series by becoming a Friend of NWS, attending the NWS events, or by making a donation.

The following people volunteered their invaluable time and creativity as the 2012 steering committee of the Front Street Writers Studio Program in creative writing:

  •     Stephanie Long – Assistant Principal, Traverse City West Senior High School
  •     Kerry Woughter – Media Specialist, Traverse City Central High School & Front
    Street Writers Co-Director and Teacher
  •     Toby Tisdale- Assistant Principal, Traverse City Central High School
  •     Margaret Goeman – Language Arts Teacher, Traverse City West Senior High
  •     Stephanie Luyt -  Elementary School Media Specialist
  •     Stephen Cousins – Superintendent, Traverse City Area Public Schools
  •     Dr. Jayne Mohr – Aassociate Superintendent, Traverse City Area Public Schools
  •     Alison Arnold -  Director Media Relations, Traverse Area Public Schools
  •     The Traverse City Area Public Schools Board of Education
  •     Hannah Westcott – Student  Traverse City West Senior High School
  •     Stephanie Petrosky – Student Traverse City Central High School
  •     Bob Branski – Business manager, National Writers Series
  •     Erin Bernard – Community Liaison, United Way Student Outreach
  •     Michael Delp- Author & Creative Writing Workshop consultant, National Writers
  •     Leigh Gallagher – Writer in Residence, Front Street Writers
  •     Jill Tewsley-  Front Street Writers Co-Director & Executive Director of National
    Writers Series
  •     Megan Raphael – Former Director National Writers Series (January 2010 – August
  •     Grant Parsons – Co-founder, National Writers Series
  •     Anne Stanton – Co-founder, National Writers Series
  •     Doug Stanton – Founder, Front Street Writers and National Writers Series

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