by Jill Beauchamp, 04/23/2020, Traverse City, MI

Adult Category


I keep thinking to myself, “When this is all over . . .”
But then stopping that thought, because really, this will never be “all over”.
Yes, we will once more gather for parties, the theatre, at our work places,
But it will be different. It must be different!

I will be able to hug all those I have been kept apart from,
But no longer will I take a single hug for granted.
Fair warning: I will hug you and hug you and hug you again when I am with you.

I will be much more aware of reusing and repurposing all the things.
The things that are already here and the things newly brought home.
And also be more conscious of what I choose to bring home new,
Trying to figure out how to not take their container, but bring my own.

I will continue all these virtual visits that have become so precious.
Why not still keep in touch with far-flung family and friends weekly?
Why not let those far away know how much they are in my thoughts?

I will be sure to keep sharing my overabundance with others around me.
There is no earthly reason for us to store up our goods that others need.
I want to find someone who will enjoy my excess more than I would.
It puts a smile in my heart to put a smile on some else’s face.

I will make an effort to keep offering my help, whether monetary or time,
To those who need a helping hand, whether it’s the short or long haul.
It is not possible to have a good night’s sleep knowing someone else
Endures an empty stomach or has a basic need not being met.

This is how things will hopefully be, “When this is all over . . .”
Even though we must all face the truth that it will never be “all over”.