by Andrew Budd, 04/06/2020, Traverse City, Mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

Life during this time in history is not the best. It is filled with hardship and misery. Depending if a friend or family member has gotten the virus. I have learned that one of my family members has tested positive for the virus.This is hard news to take based on what the virus and its impact on the world. It has killed thousands but thousand have been cured. It has brought many sad feelings but hopefully soon it will be over. With all of the medical professionals out in the world working as hard as they can to stop the spread of the virus and contain it as much as they can, this will not go too far out of control.
This event is life changing. Especially in China. If a person in America were to tell the story of the coronavirus it would sound a whole lot different then someone living in China would tell it. And with new details and further research. There are no doubts that this will end. Although there is no telling how soon. It will end. THe best thing we can do at the moment is to stay positive and indoors. THe most important thing during the pandemic is to stay away from other people. If we flatten the curve there is a better chance if beating out the virus. It is also important ot stay away from other people if you get sick. The best thing to do is to listen to the government and do the things they tell us to do.