by Penny Green, 06/12/2020, Traverse City, MI

Adult Category

It seemed like a normal day
A typical northern Michigan day
I awoke early with total silence surrounding me.

It almost felt like I had died,
Well not really.
I could feel my hands itching,
I could see my chest rising and falling
With every breathe that I took.

I felt like I had lost
My Spirit to Live.
Then out of nowhere I realized,
This was Not a Normal Day.

I had nothing scheduled
Nothing sure to look forward to.
Not even a reason to stay up,
Get Dressed or Have a Cup of Coffee.

“We have been attacked!”
I heard them say over the radio.
” Invaded by an unseen Enemy,
Predictions of Millions of Lives
Could be Lost.
This is a World-Wide

The edict stated…
“Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Wash Your Hands.
Do not gather with others, nor leave your home except for
Extreme Reasons.”

It didn’t make sense.
All my mind could take in was
“You’re going to die! You are going to die!”

Eerily still stood my mind
For a minute, but
It felt like an Eternity.

A calming peace came when
The presence and love of my Savior Jesus
Surrounded me
Letting me know
“Your time has not come, yet.”

I took a deep breathe,
Exhaling v e r y slowly,
And I heard
The Clock tick again.