by Kira Butler, 04/14/2020, Interlochen, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

Life stuck at home, this time has been harsh, and downing spirits, as we are told to stay home. For our own safety of course, but many, including myself don’t have much to do, or don’t know what to do to get active. But some questions you could ask yourself are, what are your friends saying about the virus? Who are you speaking to at this time? How are you dealing with pandemic?
Firstly, what are your friends saying about the virus? In my own opinion, I would think socializing over electronics is better than nothing. It would mean that beyond your family, you are still interacting with the world a bit. My friends and I tend not to talk about the world in its state right now, it would bring the conversation down. Instead we just talk about what we’ve been doing and avoid the topic on why we’re stuck at home.
Secondly, who are you speaking to at this time? I talk with my family the most, obviously. But it’s got to the point where every little thing my brother does gets to my head. But apart from that, I’ve been chatting and playing with my friends online. We also have this setup that every Sunday, we’re going to video chat my mother’s side of the family. My dad’s side is close, so we see them at least.
Lastly, how are you dealing with this pandemic? I’m trying not to focus on it. On stuff like this, I prefer to keep to myself. Otherwise what we were talking about just gets depressing. But in this instance, I guess I would say I’m dealing well with that fact that I’m stuck home. I haven’t exploded yet, so that’s a plus. I am worried about when this whole thing will be over, and how many people will have died then, but I try to stick to happy thoughts of the cure.
This time away has been kinda hard. With siblings it gets annoying at a certain point. But at least we’re trying to stop the problem from spreading. So by staying home, we’re helping to stop this virus, even if it’s just a little bit.