by Bella Rumbel, 06/02/2020, Gaylord, Mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

Social interaction is a key factor in the development of the human brain and body. Without it, we don’t achieve certain aspects that we need to survive. Well, imagine you woke up one morning, and instead of going to work or school or out for a morning cup of coffee at Starbucks with your friends, you got up, grabbed your laptop, and did all of your work online. Whether it was the final exam of your senior year, or just a simple math assignment, you had to do it all in the luxury of your own home.
This might seem amazing for the first few days, with all the resources you could ever need at the click of a few buttons, but at the end of the day, you’re missing out on human interaction. You don’t go to work and ask your co-worker Marissa about her sister’s baby. You don’t go to school and talk to your friends about that boy who called you cute a few days ago. You don’t go grocery shopping and stop to talk to that old friend you haven’t seen since high school. Instead, you have the same routine of waking up, showering, eating breakfast, then going straight back into your bedroom to do everything you have to do from your bed. Eventually you start to get bored with this routine, and you miss your friends. You miss your co-workers. You miss your teachers. You even miss that kid who sat next to you in science, even though you could never remember if his name was Will or Owen.
We take too many things for granted, including the time that we spend with others. Whether it’s the littlest thing like dropping your daughter off at her friends’ house, or going to spend the weekend with your relatives, we don’t value it as much as we should. So next time you’re with your friends or family, or even that kid from your science class, cherish every second of it. Because you never know when that “See you tomorrow!” could turn into a “See you in June!”.