by Cora Schillinger, 04/29/2020, Traverse City, MI

Elementary K-5 Category

The sun is out but people are the opposite. The nation is going crazy. We are forced to be lazy.
The news is the same. Have faith people, but will this ever end? The question hangs in the air unanswered.
It is forever night. Where is the daylight? No friends, no family come by. Neighbors don’t even say hi.
The weather a mix of snow and sun. Be gone snow we are done! Will something please be good not bad? It makes me sad. Not one thing to do that will make me glad.
Homeschooling is hard. Why did the teachers give us so much? Will we go to summer school? When will we go back? All these thoughts hang in the air like a long horrible nightmare.
I have watched 30 movies, read 27 books. Played more video games than I ever have. I am more scared then I have ever been.
People are at risk. What can I do to help just sitting inside? The cases climb rapidly, I am scared.