by Emilie Frechette, 04/16/2020, Traverse City, Mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

As we all know there is a horrible virus that has spread at a very quick pace and it is affecting our everyday lives. It has taken many lives and it is pretty scary, and we don’t know when it is going to end. We are just hoping it ends soon. This has been a very crazy experience for me and my friends, it is like time has stopped and even the world has stopped. I have been out of it every since the 2nd week into this Pandemic and it has thrown me off course, I have been talking with my friends and we all wish that things could go back to normal. We all missed our sports that we did not get to participate in and finish the ones we were taking place in. In the first week of quarantine I thought it was pretty fun getting to do nothing and having an extended spring break and I did not give much thought that we would not be coming back to middle school to wrap up 8th.

I was so excited when we got out of school early,I thought yes I get a start on my training for the upcoming Track season.But a few weeks later I come to find out I would not be able to do my Track season since school was canceled for the end of the year and as soon as I heard that I had called my friend Avery. Her and I had a conversation about how we were so mad about not being able to get our 8th grade Track season in and how the next time we go to school it will be in the high school and as 9th graders. But then I thought about how this is for the best and to protect those around us so we stay healthy and safe. This will only give me more time to prepare for my high school sports and allow me to get better and work harder and get my prepared for 9th grade.

The last day that I was in school in my last class my teacher Mr.MacTavish had said to my class that when we get older we will say that we survived the Pandemic of 2020 and that this was a part of history that we were going to be living in. That did not really sink in that day and I thought this is just like the flu we will get over this soon and nothing bad will happen people won’t die from this. But I was wrong and now I am so thankful for all the people that are getting up and putting their health at risk to help others. This truly is a crazy time that we are going through and we have to make sure we are taking it seriously if we want to get back to our normal lives.We can get through this together.