by Giuliana Dercole, 04/30/2020, Suttons Bay, MI

Elementary K-5 Category

It was a normal day like any other.

When I got to school I was going to my locker and when I was heading there I saw my friends Sofie and Marielle. They were heading to their lockers too, so I joined them. They told me the school would be shutting down for 3 weeks. I said really! Then we went to class.

Almost every kid in my class was talking about not being at school. Then our teacher told us to go to group. Later that day she said we will be shutting down school for 3 weeks. Then she gathered us at 2:00 and then told us what school will be like. She said we will send you all homework and give you a slide show every day. We went to PE class and said bye to all our friends and colleagues, then we went home.

Now the 3 weeks have turned into a whole school year. I’m am a little frustrated and was hoping to see my friends. Also my 4-H has been canceled. I am not able to show my horse at 4-H. I am still going to my farm every day and riding my horse. His name is Raymond and I am trying to teach him new tricks but i know it will all turn out ooookkkkkaaaaayyyyy.