by Jasmine VanSanten, 04/06/2020, Traverse City, Mi

Middle School Category

To be completely honest my friends are very annoyed with the virus and are not taking it very seriously. They have been hanging out with others and going out into public places with nothing to protect themselves from getting this virus. But my personal opinion would be that I am just going to stay home and not think about this virus at all and try and make this as easy as possible for my mental health. It’s going to be a very important thing in history one day and I would love to live up to the day to tell my children about this event. Well my parents and I talk about this virus every once and a while and they keep me up to date on everything and I tell myself “I’m going to have to follow these directions to survive”, So then I follow them and go on with my life. The other day when my mom was in the kitchen on her computer watching governor Whitmer speak about this virus such as COVID-19 or CoronaVirus.The governor announces that we will not be going back to school this year and my mom starts crying and I ask what’s wrong and she says “You guys will not be going back to school this year,” It was hard to see her like that because she’s lost days worth of sleep worried about this virus and we are moving on top of that so she is very stressed out and my father is going to work every day risking his life to keep a roof over our heads. a lot of parents are losing money because they can’t work. After all, many places are shut down due to the virus. The air smells as if it’s summer but with no fun, no going out to eat or going to beaches, no sleepovers with friends on the trampoline and pulling all-nighters, no family reunions, Nothing, The world feels empty but with everything here. I don’t miss anyone but at the same time, I miss everyone if that makes any sense. The weather has been very nice lately and the air feels cleaner, I see my family struggling for happiness, I see empty roads as I go to and from house to house as we move, I feel like a lot is missing but I just can’t figure it out I think everyone has lost something here.