by Jamie Corn, 04/16/2020, Cadillac, Mi

High School 9-12 Category

Never did I think that a virus could spread so quickly. It was like living in a movie. Suddenly, life as we knew it became COVID zombie apocalypse. The world had gone crazy! Snatching things off of store shelves until there was nothing left! The strangest item that has been fleeing the shelves is toilet paper who knew so many people needed that much toilet paper? Once a world full peaceful and quiet is now a full time war zone. If you think being trapped in your home is bad then you haven’t seen what it’s like outdoors. My mom works at a gas station so she is putting her life on the line everyday. They’ve limited her gas station to only 8 people in the store at a time. People sneeze, cough, and even spit on employees and employees at a gas station can’t claim unemployment because their jobs are claimed essential. So, before you think about how bad you have it think about the people who are putting their lives on the line every single day so that you can get what you need.