by Emily Oswald, 04/09/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

Life in time of Corona Virus

Me and my friends are saying that it is sad because it is ruining our daily lives and it may continue on for a long period of time. We also are saying that it is going to be an historical event later on. When me and others talk about it we usually talk about what we wish we could do and how much we do not like it because we cannot do anything because we are in quarantine. As of right now we are in about probably still at the beginning of quarantine, meaning we probably won’t be returning to our normal lives anytime soon as the virus is getting worse. The symptoms are cough and fever and difficulty breathing for more severe cases. I would tell my children that this happened when I was 13 years old and continued to when I was 14, my birthday happened in the middle of it meaning we were on quarantine. The virus got worse and worse, that meant quarantine got longer and worse. It turned into a pandemic which is a virus or disease that spreads all over the world. When this all happened there was no vaccine to prevent the virus so what we did to protect it was washing our hands very well because all the stores were sold out of cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, and masks. We had to get creative on what to do for example we would make homemade face masks to protect ourselves. I wish everyone the best.