by Lynn Larson, 04/13/2020, Traverse City, MI

Adult Category

During this unexpected time of isolation, I wondered how I could give back to my community. I like to paint and draw, so I committed to putting 3-4 pieces a week on Facebook for a contribution of $10 or more. All proceeds will go to the homeless and/or the disadvantaged adolescents of Grand Traverse county. So far, I have raised $300. I mail the matted pictures to my customers when I get several at a time. Surprisingly, I have mailed to Florida and Ohio as well as to locals.
I am filling unexpectedly free hours doing creative things, and I am having such fun doing it! Putting my art out there was personally risky, but it’s proving to be a rewarding experience.
It is so important to think about others during this strange time, and to reach out in what ever way you can without jeopardizing anyone’s health. Think outside of your comfort zone, and you’ll discover you will end up being comforted yourself!!