by McKeiley Buron, 04/23/2020, Traverse City, MI

Middle School 6-8 Category

Everything is the same yet different. We go outside, we go to the store, it snows, just like April is in Traverse City. But everything is different. It’s how we go to the store, wearing masks and gloves and being more excited to go than normal. Or how normally when it snows, we either jump for joy or groan. Now we don’t even notice. We go outside now, but our parents don’t have to tell us to get outside. We just need something to do, so we go. School is even different. The one thing that seems to never change and is the same system, is different. We do stuff online now. Our teachers have to learn how to host zoom calls and figure out what google classroom does. It’s hard. Normally in times of change or worry, I look for the stuff that doesn’t change. If we’re moving houses, my family will still be with me and I will still share a room with my sister. We will still have a kitchen and our cats. But now, everything is changing. So we have to find other ways to be calm and happy.