by Madyson Sebela, 4/9/20, Traverse City, Mi

Middle School 6-8 Category

The COVID-19 has given a very hard time for everyone, not only for the people that get it but it also is causing hard working Americans to lose their jobs. The unemployment rate is increasing by each second and the economy is crashing. There is no easy solution to this problem but in my opinion we need to fix this broken economy. We need to get American people back to working so families don’t go broke. We need businesses to open again. We need school systems to open again so children can get the education they need. My dad and I have talked a lot about this topic and we have both agreed that this is something America needs to fix now before it’s too late.
In the last week alone 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment which is a record high and over 10 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits. In my mind these numbers are insanely high. The economy is so low right now because jobs are being lost, so if people aren’t making money now they are not spending money. If we continue this shut down longer businesses are going to close for good and this situation will be much harder to come back from. My dad and I both thought there are two very importants things that this country needs: number one is your health and two is the economy but one can’t survive without the other. Which means there has to be a balance of both in this situation. So our idea was to quarantine the people that are at high risk and the people that aren’t, they should go back to work and better the economy. Because if the economy sinks people will die from poverty.
WIth me saying all this i’m not saying that the coronavirus is not something we should be worried about because yes it is a new virus and people don’t know enough about it. But we are over playing it and this is causing our economy to fail. As I said before we need a balance of health and economy because in this world we need both. I know the stay at home order is already placed and please follow this rule but looking at our future, the economy might be too far gone. We as a country, need to come up with a balance between the two before it’s too late.