by Haley DeLoy, 04/23/2020, Traverse City, Mi

High School 9-12 Category

This whole pandemic has caused several things, one being the stay home order being put into effect. I’m usually the oddball out, the one who enjoys school enjoys learning new things, Going to work, and speaking my mind. The day we learned this was happening, I was honestly heartbroken. I could not even imagine not going to The Career-Tech Center every day. It is every student’s dream during their first two years in high school, and the year I get my high school dream, I have to stop showing up for my absolute favorite class. Since then I look forward to my class calls. Other than the topic of school, I have continued doing somethings I like, including outside adventures-with limits. I go outside for about 5 hours or more with my siblings. It is simply breathtaking. My siblings are my world and my best friends, and I didn’t think for a second we could ever be any closer than we were. But those 5 hours almost every day proved me wrong. That is something that has made this whole experience worth it. I feel even though I am not around people, I have connected with old and new friends. I have made a bunch of new friends, I have even gotten closer to my cousins and people I knew from when I was a baby just over talking because how much free time on our hands. The day people started getting laid off from my job it was horrible. I mean there were mothers and fathers crying because they did not know how they were gonna make it. I mean I don’t know most these people out of work but it broke my heart. I work with these people, I laugh with these people, and I fight with them. And some of them are almost in tears and I can not help. I hate it.
But the whole thing is something mind-boggling. I feel that almost everyone has gotten something amazing out of this but also something scary and lesson learning even if they have not realized it. Almost every student now is realizing how much they’re normal life has impacted them, and how they felt about things.